Beautiful sunset wedding in Colorado

We wanted to share with you few photos from a very beautiful wedding we were happy to be a part of as a wedding photographer!

Heather and Josh’s wedding took place at the Murphy Creek golf club. Such a beautiful wedding venue offering breathtaking Colorado views with endless horizons and mountain ranges in the backdrop. It was wonderful to see so much happiness and cheer and being able to capture those moments for Heather and Josh to look back at months and years later to remember what beautiful day they had when they said “I do” to each other.

We thank them for choosing us as their wedding photographer and allowing us to be a part of their special day.

wedding photographer Colorado Murphy Creek Golf Club

wedding photographer Colorado Murphy Creek Golf Club

wedding photographer Colorado Murphy Creek Golf Club

P.S. We loved this idea of having guests wave the fireworks wands. Magical!

Benefits of choosing the right photographer

There is no better way of visually documenting any event than hiring a professional photographer. They are experienced in many different types of photography, whether at weddings, taking pics of newborn babies, or some other important event in life you want to have lasting memories of.

For instance, when it comes to wedding photography, a professional photographer will be the one who will be able to capture the most beautiful moments in the church, or even a the beach.

Professionals are capable of adjusting according to your style and desire, and since this is their artistic craft, you have a guarantee that you will receive the best photos possible.

There are many benefits to hiring a professional photographer for your event, and some of them include limitless customer service, great package deals and a sense of creativity that will match your needs.

Limitless Customer Service

When you are planning an event like a wedding, you will find yourself constantly either on the phone or online, trying out to set and iron out all the details. This will be the same when it comes to dealing with your photographer. For instance, you may have some questions about how the photos will look, or how the printing or editing process will be done.

The benefits you will have here, if you hire a professional photographer, is the fact that they will always be reachable and eager to answer all of your questions. Professional photographers are either managing their own photography business or working for a legitimate and respectable company. Either way, you will always receive excellent customer service when you need it the most and you don’t have to worry about your photographer not returning your calls.

Great Package Deals

Professional photographers always offer great package deals and prices and those package deals may include editing, printing, and even mounting. A majority of these deals have adjustable rates and this depends on how many photographers you want during your event and for how long you want them to be present. Professionals shoot hundreds and hundreds of photos on events like weddings.

Another benefit you will experience here is that you can save hundreds of dollars since you will receive digital copies with copyrights to all pictures that were taken during your event, and have the possibility of taking your photos and printing them at an affordable lab, like those in Walmart.

Creativity That Will Match Your Needs

Perhaps this is the most important benefit of hiring a professional photographer, because you will be able to get what you want in terms of quality and style. A majority of photographers have their own style of photography, whether that is contemporary, traditional, storytelling, or any other.

If you hire a professional photography company, they will provide you with a photographer that will understand your vision. But, if you are hiring a person who works on their own, many of them are versatile enough to capture whatever you want to be captured.

These are just some of the benefits you can expect when hiring a professional photographer, so have them in mind and make sure to pick the right one.

We won 14th Wedisson Award!

We are happy and excited to share with you that we have won the 14th Wedisson Award!

“Wedisson Award” is an international wedding photography contest that held every month. We are very excited having won an award from them, as the competition was fierce! 🙂

And thank you Chad and Clara for allowing us be your wedding photographer on your special day! It was a beautiful rustic wedding that took place in the breathtaking Colorado setting!

Secrets to wedding day success

The key to success for any major event is to “prepare, prepare, prepare”. The night of your rehearsal, take it very seriously and make sure that your Bridal Party takes it just as serious as you do. Make sure that if you are going to have music played during your ceremony that the person is at the rehearsal with the equipment and actually plays the music during the parts of the ceremony that the music is to be played.

The day of your wedding, tell your Bridesmaids and Groomsmen to be at the church, or location you are to meet one half hour earlier than you really need them, however do not disclose this to them. Inevitably people run late at every wedding, so this will prohibit them from being late (hopefully). When the Groom and Groomsmen pick up their tuxedo’s, make sure they check their tuxedo packages and verify that they have cuff links, shoes, bow ties, etc., before they leave the tuxedo shop. Confirm the Monday before your wedding with all of your vendors, such as photographers, DJ’s, Limo Companies, etc., and confirm the times they are to be at the respected location.

For the Bride and Bridesmaids, be sure to pack an emergency kit including, two sizes of safety pins, straight pins, flour (in case the Brides dress gets dirty, it can actually remove the stain or dirt), also bring two sided tape, superglue, needle, black and white thread and a matching thread for the Bridesmaids gowns. While you are getting ready, it is a wise idea to have water available for everyone, as well as snack foods, such as small sandwiches, veggie and cheese tray. Drink plenty of water before the wedding. If you are out of town and having a wedding in Colorado, you have to realize you have to consume twice as much water as you do on a normal basis or you will get a tremendous headache and dizziness at the altitude.

Remember to bring the rings, as this is often times overlooked. Have a list of things you need to do made before the night before the wedding, at the latest and designate someone to double check that list so that you know who has what. For Brides wearing blushers (veil), make sure that your blusher has been pulled back before leaning over to light the unity candle. Blushers ignite as fast as gasoline. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen them go up in a flash and cause serious injury.

Most importantly of all, try to relax because the day will go by in the blink of an eye. Hire professionals with a lot of experience and never hesitate to ask a vendor to do something for you that you need or would like (i.e.; asking a Photographer for a special picture, asking wait staff to bring you a glass of water, etc.), these people are here to help you. Take a look at our Helpful Links page for some recommended wedding vendors.

If you are going to consume alcohol prior to the ceremony, keep it in small amounts because alcohol combine with nerves can prove to be problematic. Most importantly, remember to enjoy your day.